About Me

Welcome. I’m a mom. I’m a secular homeschooler. I’m a small business owner. I’m an internet marketer. I love helping others so I created this website so that you can follow along as I grow my businesses, care for my family and market for myself and others.

One thing you will quickly discover about me is that I am pretty direct and I don’t like to fill things up with fluff. I have no desire (and no time) to write a post telling you what I want to tell you in 300 words and then spend 30 minutes embellishing it so that it meets the word count google wants to consider it a “good” post. I don’t like to hide things, I cannot stand it when people post/vlog/market in such a way that they are just trying to get you on their email list and then they spam you with offers for products that they have not even bought themselves. If you ever see me recommend something, it is because I use it – whether it is socks from Amazon or a marketing course.